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Campus Crime Log

A crime is entered into the log when it is reported to the Boise State University Department of Public Safety. That is, if a crime is initially reported to a campus security authority other than a member of the Department of Public Safety, it is not recorded in the crime log unless it is subsequently brought to the attention of the Department of Public Safety.

Crime log entries include all crimes reported to the Department of Public Safety. Information on a crime may be temporarily withheld in cases where there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of information would jeopardize an ongoing investigation, jeopardize the safety of an individual, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence. Please refer to the Disposition Key for a description of the crime log entry dispositions.

A hard copy of the campus crime log containing at least the most recent 60 day period can be viewed in person at the Boise State University Department of Public Safety substation located at 2245 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725.

Disposition Key

Open: The case is currently being investigated by a law enforcement agency.
Closed by Arrest: The subject has been arrested by a law enforcement agency.
Closed by Citation: The subject has been cited by a law enforcement agency.
Closed by Referral: The case has been referred to another agency or Boise State University department, like Human Resources, Dean of Student's Office, the CARE team, or Housing.
Referred to ADE Program:The case has been referred to the Alcohol Diversion Program run by the Boise Police Department.
Inactive: No further investigative action is required at this time, or leads have been exhausted. Cases may also be coded as inactive if there is no current law enforcement investigation or the report was a CSA report only.
Pending: The case is open and being reviewed by the prosecutor for possible charges.
CSA Report for statistical purposes only: Report made by a Campus Security Authority to fulfill reporting obligations under the federal law known as the Clery Act.
Unfounded: The case is determined to be false or baseless through law enforcement investigation. No offense occurred nor was attempted.

Complete Campus Crime Log

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Campus Crime Log

Nature (Classification)BPD Report #

(If Applicable)
Security Report #

(If Applicable)
Date ReportedDate/Time OccurredGeneral LocationDisposition
DUIDR# 616993N/A07/15/1607/15/16 0511Lusk/RoyalClosed by Arrest
TheftDR# 616966S2016-00019007/14/1607/14/16 1740-1820Albertsons LibraryOpen. Suspect issued exclusion
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A07/14/1607/04/16 2130Park Apartments Parking LotInactive
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A07/14/1607/04/16 2130Park Apartments Parking LotInactive
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A07/14/1607/04/16 2130Park Apartments Parking LotInactive
Bike TheftDR# 616809N/A07/12/1607/11/16 2200 – 7/12/16 2200Manor ApartmentsOpen
Alcohol Violation x2/Resisting and Obstructing OfficersDR# 615769N/A07/11/1607/02/16 0254Lusk/RoyalClosed by Arrest/Citations
Computer Crime Uses, Accesses or Attempts AccessDR# 616548N/A07/10/1607/10/16 0133NorcoOpen
BatteryN/AN/A07/07/1607/07/16 2215Taco Bell ArenaInactive
Disorderly ConductN/AS2016-00018807/07/1607/07/16 2145Taco Bell ArenaClosed. Exclusion issued.
Drunk in PublicN/AS2016-00018707/07/1607/07/16 2020Taco Bell ArenaClosed. Exclusion issued. No crime exists for public intoxication on State property.
RapeDR# 616209N/A07/06/1607/06/16 2341Boise/JuanitaOpen. BroncoAlert issued.
IntimidationN/AN/A07/05/1607/05/16 1815Amphitheater near GreenbeltInactive
Driving Without PrivilegesDR# 615830N/A07/02/1607/02/16 2340Beacon/LincolnClosed by Citation
Driving without PrivilegesDR# 615815N/A07/02/1607/02/16 1902Capitol/BoiseClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/30/1606/22/16 2330Chaffee HallClosed by Referral
StalkingN/AN/A06/30/16Around 06/11/16. Unknown timeUniversity Heights ApartmentsClosed by Referral
TrespassingDR# 615637S2016-00017706/30/1606/30/16 2310Taco Bell ArenaClosed by Arrest
VandalismDR# 615626N/A06/30/1606/30/16 Unknown timeLDS Institute/Joyce & JuanitaOpen
Drunk in PublicN/AN/A06/29/1606/29/16 0047University Drive near Engineering BldgInactive
VandalismN/AN/A06/28/1606/28/16 1124Parking lot outside Chaffee HallInactive
Vehicle BurglaryDR# 615426S2016-00017506/28/1606/27/16 1800

06/28/16 1653
Lincoln GarageOpen
Hit and RunDR# 615334N/A06/27/1606/27/16 0800-1840Lincoln GarageOpen
Driving without PrivilegesDR# 615261N/A06/27/1606/27/16 0137Boise/MarthaClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/26/1606/26/16 0137Chrisway/BoiseClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/26/1606/26/16 0137Chrisway/BoiseClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/26/1606/26/16 0137Chrisway/BoiseClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/25/1606/25/16 1720West Stadium Parking LotInactive
BurglaryDR# 615185N/A06/25/1606/25/16 1000-17451800 blk PotterOpen
VandalismDR# 614860N/A06/22/1606/20/16 0930 06/21/16 0730Parking lot near Morrison Center or at off campus location on HillcrestOpen
Alcohol ViolationN/AN/A06/21/1606/21/16 0308Capitol VillageClosed by Referral
Driving without Privileges/Reckless driving/No Insurance 2nd offenseDR# 614729N/A06/21/1606/21/16 0933Capitol/Ann MorrisonClosed by Citation
Alcohol ViolationDR# 614715S2016-00017106/21/1606/21/16 0140TowersPending
Bike TheftDR# 614650N/A06/20/1606/19/16 2130 06/20/16 1200Park ApartmentsOpen
VandalismDR# 614644S2016-00016906/20/1606/16/16 1234

06/20/16 1145
Science Building/GreenhousesOpen
VandalismDR# 614643S2016-00017006/20/1605/07/16 1730

06/13/16 1130
Caesar Chavez/CapitolOpen
DUIDR# 614499N/A06/18/1606/18/16 0830-0945University/BradyClosed by Arrest
DUIDR# 614484N/A06/18/1606/18/16 0102Lusk/RoyalClosed by Arrest
Hit and RunDR# 614437N/A06/17/1606/17/16 1421Beacon/Michigan StOpen
No Contact Order ViolationDR# 614357S2016-00016806/16/1606/16/16 1600LibraryUnfounded
Battery/Dating ViolenceN/AN/A06/15/1606/15/16 1613Friendship BridgePending. Title IX office notified.
Battery/Dating Violence/StalkingDR# 614273N/A06/15/1606/15/16 1430Brady GarageReferred to Title IX office. BPD investigation inactive as victim not desirous of prosecution.
TheftDR# 614254N/A06/15/1606/15/16 1045 – 1210Student UnionInactive