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About Us

Boise State University Campus Security & Police Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Department is staffed with trained professional security and police officers.  It is headed by the Executive Director of the University Security Department, who is responsible for overseeing Boise State University’s security program.  The rest of the security team is comprised of a Security Operations Manager, Assistant Director of Event Security, Threat Assessment and Security Analysis Manager, Security Analyst, Security Officer Supervisor, 9 full-time Security Officers and 14 part-time Security Officers.   Boise State University security officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Boise State University Campus Security & Police Services is the administrative unit responsible for the functions of Boise State University security officers.  Primary functions include building security, grounds security, citizen assistance, emergency response, and heat plant monitoring.  Boise State University security officers are first aid, CPR, and AED certified, and receive continual security training throughout the year.

Boise State University Campus Security & Police Services also has administrative responsibility for law enforcement activities on campus.  Boise State University contracts with the Boise Police Department (BPD) to provide police and security services to the university campus and community.  The Boise Police Department is responsible for law enforcement, crime prevention programs, reporting criminal activity and crime-related problems on campus, and emergency response at Boise State University.

Boise Police officers have full law enforcement authority on all property owned or controlled by Boise State University, including streets adjacent to and running through the Boise State University campus.  All police officers have completed the Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) Academy, and receive a minimum of 8 hours per month training on areas such as emergency first aid, criminal law, firearms, crisis intervention, arrest procedures, victim response, etc.  Additionally, all police officers are trained as crime prevention officers.  Police officers are empowered by Idaho State Law to make arrests, investigate crimes, and carry firearms on campus.

Boise State University Campus Security & Police Services maintains a close working relationship with city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as all appropriate elements of the criminal justice system.  Crime-related reports and statistics are routinely exchanged.

What We Do

Boise State University Campus Security & Police Services offers students, staff, and faculty a variety of free services, including:

  • Security Escorts (call 426-6911)
  • Bike Registration (visit our office for the registration card)
  • Emergency Telephones, Located Around Campus
  • Residence Hall Security
  • Vehicle Unlocks and Jump-Starts
  • Office/Room Unlocks
  • Silent Witness (anonymous suspicious behavior or crime reporting, located on our website)
  • Crime Stoppers (343-COPS)
  • Online Crime Reporting (visit for online reporting)
  • Alarm System Monitoring Throughout Campus

More information about the Boise Police Department Boise State University Unit can be found at